Valley de Vinales in Pinar del Rio
The Vinales valley is a symbol among the natural blessing bestowed upon Pinar del Rio region of Cuba. Holding prestigious title of a UNESCO World Cultural Landscape. Viniales Valley is situated in the Sierra de los Organos and is surrounded by impressive hills with rounded summits known as haystack mountain.

The mix of carsic mountain and geological formations that constitute the haystack mountains in the Vinales Valley combine to make truly wonderful scenery.
Vinales Valley offers many attractions, this site brings together the polychromy of tobacco plantations, fields of crops, and exclusive flora and fauna of unequalled beauty.

Vinales Cuba

Vinales landscape has been a continuous source of inspiration for both fine art and literature, the mix of carsic mountain and geological formations that constitute the haystack mountains in the Vinales Valley combine to make truly wonderful scenery.

• Soroa Falls
Situated 70 km to the west of Havana, is rich in flora and has a wide variety of trees, shrubs, wild orchids and ferns. Its fauna includes one of the smallest frogs in the world and around 70 different types of birds have been reported, some of them indigenous the orchid farm is famous for it's 750 species of orchids. At the waterfall along the river manantiales visitors can take a refreshing swim.

• Las Terrazas
Incredible attractive for ECO tourism and for visitors who find in nature a source of pleasure. Las Terrazas is a natural habitat of exuberant flora and endemic animals, including precious bird species as the Cuban national bird Tocororo whose plumage has the same colours as the Cuban flag. There are remains of former French coffee plantations.

Vinales cave

• Distinctive Cuevas del Indio
The Indian Caves are situated near the road to San Cayetano Vinales, 6 km from the town. Various forms and shapes formed by the stalactites and stalagmites, paintings and the remains of utensils and burial of Pre-Columbian cultures. The Cave is very unique, visitors can walk a few hundred meters into the cave, after arrive at a subterranean river the motor boats takes the tourists up the cave river a bit and then back down out of the cave.

palm road

• Hiking and Horseback Riding in Vinales
It is a unique experience to spend one's vacation on a horse away from the tourist trails, tourists can explore the gorgeous landscape of Pinar del Rio and the tobacco plantations around the piqturesque Vinales valley.

tobacco crops

• The best Tobacco in the world
This tabacco is growing on the fertile plains of Pinar del Rio. The most excellent soil for tobacco crops is located in western province of Pinar del Rio, especially in Vueltabajo, which is considered the region of the world's best tobacco growers. About 70% of the tabacco leaves from the Pinar del Rio with which Havana Cigars are made.

Vinales tour

• The coolest experience Canopy Ride - Zip Lining
La Terrazas unique adventure, the latest exciting activity to hit your life. Zip from the platform above the beautiful tropical forest and the lake. The La Terrazas is located 70 km west of Havana, trilling Zip Lining has highly trained personnel and professional equipment, they offer everyone an exhilarating opportunity to soar high above the Canopy forest and leak.

• Stunning Cayo Levisa and Cayo Jutias
White long beaches surrounded by warm clean calm sea, the Cayos have outstanding coral reefs which are excellent for Scuba Diving and Snorkeling. A tour of Pinar del Rio coastline gives the visitor a feeling of absolute tranquility while introducing them to a previous unknown and unspoilt beauty.

Hotel Moka

• Eco Hotel Moka
Situated amid the forested of Las Terrazas hills over stunning lake, enclosed by nature rich in flora and a wide variety of palms trees. Overlooking the Sierra del Rosario mountains the most attractive landscape in Natural Cathedral of Cuba.

Hotel Banos de San Juan

• Unique ECO Hotel San Juan
The San Juan hotel is located near the falls 'Banos de San Juan' one of the idyllic natural pools ready for bath. This natural pool is located in the environmentally sustainable complex of Las Terrazas just 3 km south of the Hotel Moka.