Varadero is a very popular Caribbean holiday destination. American millionaire Du Pont built his astonishing residence in Varadero, called Xanadu. Al Capone mafia boss, used to holiday in Varadero, Al's villa is a now popular stylish restaurant. Varadero is set on a sheltered hicacos peninsula with what many claim to be one of the finest beaches in the Caribbean. It's the longest sandy beach in Cuba, that stretches far out into the calm waters of the Atlantic.

Visit unique wonder of the natural world the Santa Catalina Cave, located at the end of Varadero peninsula. The cave has over of 8 km passageways, where evidence of pre Columbian communities was discover.

Day excursion from Varadero:

• Trip to historic Havana, spend unforgettable time exploring colonial Old Havana.
• While you in Varadero, you can take a day trip to Bay of Pigs - Zapata visit Crocodile farm.
• Zapata National Park is largest wetlands in the Caribbean, take a boat trip to Laguna del Tesoro.
• Playa Giron at the Zapata is unforgettable place, scuba divers and snorkels paradise.
• Day trip to Colonial Trinidad combines romantic atmosphere with slavery colonial.
• Catamaran Cruise from Marina Varadero to Cayo Blanco, spend a day on virgin beach and snorkeling.

 Evening of Latin music and dancing is a must if you are in Varadero, with many Discotheques and Night Clubs the nightlife is a sizzling proposition in Varadero.

Varadero Attractions:

• Parachute Jumps Cubasol Parachuting Centre
Located: Via Blanca km 139, Varadero. Tel: (53) 45 - 66 7256

• Chapelin Ecological Reserve Visitors Centre
Located: Carretera de Las Morlas Km 13, Varadero. Tel: (53) 45 - 61 3594

• Dolphinarium Dolphin Shows.
Located: Autopista del Sur km 11, Varadero. Tel: (53) 45 - 66 8031

• Varasub Semi Submarine to see under sea world. 
Reservations in the Tourism Office in each hotel. Varadero. Tel: (53) 45 - 61 3713

• El Galeon unique restaurant on the old ship
Located: Carretera de Las Morlas, Km 13, Varadero. Tel: (53) 45 - 66 8886

• Josone Park
A theme park where family tourists amidst typical plants and animal life, where there are examples
of national Cuban culture and a varied cuisine.
Located: 1a. Ave. esq. a 56, Varadero centre. Tel: (53) 45 - 66 7228

• Varadero Golf Club
An 18 hole in 62 hectares golf course where the player has an easy bogey and a difficult par.
Accommodation in the Xanadu Mansion or Melia Los Americas.
Located: Carretera de Las Americas, reparto La Torre, Varadero. Tel: (53) 45 - 66 7750

• Jungle Tour speed bout trips
Located: Motorised Marine Sports and Adventures, Varadero. Tel: (53) 45 - 66 8440

• Varadero Marina Gaviota
Located: Carretera Las Morlas km 21, Varadero. Tel: (53) 45 - 66 7755

• Acua - Marlinl Marina
Located: Ave. Kawana No. 201 e/ 2 and 3, Varadero. Tel: (53) 45 - 66 8063

• Challenge Tours Cubanacan Nautica
Located: Rio Canimar, Matanzas. Tel: (53) 45 - 66 8000

• Jolly Roger - Catamaran Cruises - Cubanacan Nautica
Located: Marina Chapelin. Carretera Las Morlas km 12, Varadero. Tel: (53) 45 - 66 8444

• Safari Cayo Blanco Catamaran tour from Marina Varadero
departure from the hotel 09:00 am return 05:00 pm All-inclusive: open bar, lunch & snorkelling.

If you're looking for an adventure that is physically active yet relaxing, mentally stimulating and spiritually uplifting, amid wonders of Cuban coral reef may be the ultimate answer. Kitesurfing is a growing sport in Cuba and Varadero is a very good place, where you can learn the kitesurfing. Warm, shallow clear sea is the best for practice the kitesurfing in Varadero.


Catamaran Cruise from Marina Gaviota, exclusive day tour from Varadero to Cayo Blanco. Spend a day on virgin beach on small island. Marina Gaviota is located at the end of the penicula: Carretera Las Morlas km 31.

Hotel Blau Marina Varadero