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Santiago de Cuba is seductively city, Caribbean cultural hotspot with a vibrant nightlife.
Situated on the hills overlooking Santiago Bay and mountains, it's one of Cuba's most picturesque citie. Warm easy going juvenile people with the historical and cultural tradition are making Santiago a unique place to visit. Santiago has not only Spanish colonial influence but also French and African.


Santiago de Cuba city attraction and nightlife:
Cespedes Park and Cathedral Church, Diego Velazquez house museum. The Bay of Santiago, Padre Pico and Heredia streets, beautiful Plaza Dolores.
Many of the popular night-spots are located around Plaza Dolores Square and Cespedes Park.

• Club 300 Bar and Nightclub
Open every night from 10 pm to 2 am, located: Calle Aguilera # 302 street San Pedro & San Felix.


• Club Casa del Caribe
Dance lessons in conga, son and salsa. Open from Thursday to Sunday 4pm to 11pm, located: Calle 13, #154 at the corner of Calle 8, Vista Alegre

• Patio de Artex
Life music performances Open every night from 9:30pm, located: Calle Heredia #304, Carniceria and Calvario

• El Iris Discotheque
Hottest and most happening disco, cover includes one drink, young crowd couples only.
Open Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 10pm to 2am, located: Calle Aguilera #617, near Plaza de Marte.

La Taberna de Dolores

• La Taberna de Dolores
Live music mostly Cuban crowd, an authentic Cuban restaurant in old colonial house leafy patio.
Open every day from 10 am to 12 am, located: Dolores Square, Maria Rodriguez corner of Aguilera

• Salon Del Son
Live Cuban music and dance: Son, Salsa, Bolero
located: at the end of the main street El Romada and Plaza de Marte corner Open every night from 9:30 pm to 2 am

• La Taberna del Ron Bar
Open every day, located: Calle Carniceria San Basilio and Calle Santa Lucia

• Patio Los Dos Abuelos
Son music Cuban Son music Open every day from 10am to 2am, night show 10pm, located: Francisco Perez Carbo #5 at the Plaza de Marte

• Cafe La Izabelica
Cafe Bar live music Authentic Cuban bar a coffee shop in old colonial house.
Open every day from 9am to 10pm, located: Dolores Square, corner of Vincente Aguilera

• La Maison Santiago Fashion House
Fashion show and music Open every night from 9pm to 11:30pm, located: Ave Manduley Vista Alegre near hotel Las Americas.

Cabaret Tropicana Santiago

• Cabaret Tropicana Santiago de Cuba
Sensuality Tropicana show is a legitimate expressions of the Caribbean essence the best way to see experience it is through the dance and music. In the warm and splendid Caribbean Tropicana show offer panoramic of Cuban culture, located: Autopista Nacional km 1.

• Cafe Casa Granda
Cuban style bar and cafe, open every day from 9am to 11pm Old colonial house, hotel Casa Granda in Cespedes Park

• Casa de las Tradiciones
Cuban Salsa music Open every night from 9:30pm, located: Calle Rabi #154, two blocks from Prque Cespedes

• Casa De La Musica
Son and Salsa music Music of Santiago located: Corona #564 one block south from Prque Cespedes, open daily from 10 pm to 2 am

• Casa de la Trova
Traditional Cuba music, open every day, located: Calle Heredia #208, near the hotel Casa Granda, very popular spot.


Festival del Caribe in July (annual)
Festival del Fuego Parade of Festival del Fuego, one of the biggest parties in Cuba, Santiago`s popular event Fire Festival a street party of dance and Caribbean folklore. It celebrate annually in July, Fiesta del Fuego taken all the streets of the city until the morning’s hours. Week long festival that celebrates music and dance from all over the Caribbean, called Festival del Caribe is dedicated to strengthening ties between the Caribbean nations.

Carnival Santiago in July (annual)
The Carnival is the largest, most famous and most traditional carnival in Cuba. It is an explosion of colour, contagious drum lively Afro-Cuban rhythms, dance and music. It is a time for Cubans to gather and remember their roots, history and culture. It features free outdoor concerts, parades of spectacularly attired dancers.

El Cobre cathedral

Near Santiago de Cuba attractions:

• El Cobre
This is the most important shrine for Cubans, located at the foothills of Sierra Maestra mountains near the old copper mine. Basilica Santuario de Nuestra Senora de la Caridad del Cobre was built in 1927. The faithful come on pilgrimages to pay their respects to black Madonna, Virgen de la Caridad.

Attractions: El Morro Fortress, National Park Baconao, La Gran Piedra 1227m above the sea, El Salton beautiful water falls.
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