American Tourists

Cuba may be the most exciting destination for Americans. American tourists can freely travel around the island. Americans are allowed to bring back from Cuba: arts, music or educational materials and Cuban cigars and rum.

Flights from US to Cuba

The first commercial flight between the United States and Cuba landed in Cuba.

Daily flights operated by U.S. carriers are flying to Cuba:
• JetBlue offers daily flights to Havana from New York JFK, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
• American Airlines offer scheduled services from Miami, Florida to Havana, capital city.

To enter Cuba you need an American valid passport and Cuban Tourist Card. The Cuban Tourist Card you obtain along with your airline ticket, or you can buy Tourist Card at the airport in Cuba for $20.
Tourist Card allows its holder to stay in Cuba for 30 days from the date of entry into the Country, and is valid for one entry.

To a stay in Cuba of more than 30 days, up to 90 days maximum. You are require visiting Cuban immigrations office to extend your visit period, or you can request at any tourism office in Cuba. Children regardless of their age, also require Tourist Card, even if they are registered on their parents passports.

Every tourist should have a valid passport issued on his or her name. It is important for you to know that your passport should be valid for at least two weeks after the return date.

Cuban Tourist Card is supply along with the airline ticket and is generally provided by tour operators or airlines with your ticket, or can be obtained from a Cuban government office. Check if you’re Tourist Card has a stamp at the back, from tour operator or airline. Cuban Tourist Card is not valid without stamp.

Notice: If you are American citizen born in a Cuba, you do not need Cuban visa or Cuban Tourist Card to enter Cuba, you are required to have valid Cuban passport.

• Currency
Official currency is the Cuban Peso $CUP, 100 centavos, the Tourist currency is Convertible Peso CUC$, all goods and services in Cuba are priced in CUC$ pesos only, including transportation and tourist establishments like hotels, restaurants and shops. Traveler's cheques issued from a US bank can not be used in Cuba. Credit Cards as Visa and Master Card, can be used to pay, in hotels, restaurants & shops.
Cuban Banks exchage rates to CUC$
  Cash US$ 1 = CUC$ 0.97


Cuba is a wonderful place to go bird watching, the warm climate that Cuba enjoys in conjunction with its exotic Caribbean location, thatmakes Cuba among the best spots for bird watching. It has many different species of birds that are indigenous to Cuba, the smallest bird in the world is native Cuban Bee Hummingbird. The primary location is the Peninsula de Guanahacabibes west-end of the province Pinar del Rio.

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